Facebook Bootcamp for Nonprofit Launches Today

The Facebook Bootcamp for Non-Profits

How are you dealing with declining reach and other challenges to Facebook marketing?

The first Facebook Bootcamp launched last winter and it was a huge hit with participants! The benefits they reported include:

  1. A noticeable increase in fan growth and engagement rate.
  2. Smarter, more strategic uses of Facebook.
  3. A more donor-centric focus that integrates all channels.
Based on their feedback (and the hundreds of recent Facebook changes), I’ve completely revamped the course for 2014:
  • 8 online classes
  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • Page update samples
  • checklists and workbooks
  • 30 days of email tips and sample status updates
  • One-on-one group coaching (first come, first served)
  • A “replay” but for people that need more than 30 days

The lessons are delivered over 30 days according to this calendar:


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