Facebook Page Calls-to-Action Drive Engagement [Infographic]

You already know that, on your website and in your e-mail appeals, calls to actions increase conversion rates.

And the research supports this.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that explicitly asking people to take action also works on Facebook.

Dan Zarrella, Social Media Scientist at HubSpot, analyzed over 1.2 million updates from the largest 10,000 Facebook Pages.

Dan found the following patterns with regard to CTAs on Facebook:

  • Posts including “like” get more likes and comments.
  • Posts including “comment” get more comments and likes.
  • posts including “share” get more shares, comments, and likes.

So what does this mean for you?

The bottom line with Facebook is to get people talking about your nonprofit.

This means encouraging people to like, comment on, and share your page updates, which in turn creates more exposure for your cause.

Below is the full infograph, which can also be viewed in Dan’s post.

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