Four factors that determine whether your Facebook Page updates will get seen or not

EdgeRank is Facebook’s algorithm that determines how content will rank within in a specific user’s News Feed. Updates that are awesome will get more reach, Updates that aren’t won’t.

To determine if a Page post shows up in the news feed, Facebook’s algorithm considers four main factors:

  1. If you interacted with a Page’s posts before: If you Like every post by a Page that Facebook shows you, it will show you more from that Page.
  2. Other people’s reactions: If everyone else on Facebook shown a post ignores it or complains, it’s less likely to show you that post.
  3. Your interaction with previous posts of the same type: If you always Like photos, there’s a better chance you’ll see a photo posted by a Page.
  4. Complaints: If that specific post has received complaints by other users who have seen it, or the Page who posted it has received lots complaints in the past, you’ll be less likely to see that post.
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