Four Reasons Why Facebook Pages Newsfeed Is NOT A Win for Brands

Last week Facebook launched a Pages Newsfeed option for Facebook users. In the left-hand column of the newsfeed, there’s an option under Pages to filter the news feed so that only liked Pages show up.

Many Facebook Page managers feel that this is an answer to their frustration with Facebook’s algorithm which prevents updates from reaching all users who’ve liked the Page.

Rebecca Johnson, social media expert writes“all of you who were so worried about not being able to show up in “feeds” on this famous social media site, can breathe a little sigh of relief!”

And CNET wrote about Page’s Newsfeed, claiming that the Pages Newsfeed caters to businesses.


Pages Newsfeed Is Not A Big Win for Nonprofits, Brands or Users

But in reality, this feature won’t change much about a Page’s ability to reach fans. Here’s why:

  1. Facebook is a friend network. It’s not a place where people go to connect with brands. While it’s great that there is this Pages Newsfeed option, it won’t get used as much as Page managers hope.
  2. Edgerank is not exempt. Facebook’s much debated algorithm still functions in the Pages Newsfeed. Go ahead and look at your pages newsfeed, and you’ll notice that you’re NOT seeing all of the updates from all of the pages that you’ve liked. You’re only seeing the best updates from some of the pages you liked.
  3. Not on Mobile. More than half of Facebook’s billion users access the site via mobile – and this segment is growing fast! The Pages News feed is not on the iPhone, and not on mobile Facebook, so obviously has zero value there.
  4. A possible spike in unlikes. Many Facebook users will suddenly be reminded of pages they liked, but never saw in their regular newsfeed. Pages that were liked because of a contest or a free giveaway in exchange for liking the page will probably be unlikes at this point.

One small upside for brands and nonprofits…

The one positive thing about the pages newsfeed is that people who use it will offer an aggregate higher quality of engagement than the average Facebook user.

When someone opens up their pages newsfeed, their intent is to engage with brands. This intent will translate into likes, comments and shares that have a slightly different quality than when that same user is interrupted by brands in their Newsfeed.

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