How to Create a Facebook Birthday Ad for Your Facebook Fans

Facebook lets you create ads that target users who have a birthday coming up in the next week. This allows your nonprofit to connect with Facebook users in a highly personal manner, especially if they’re a fan of your Facebook Page!

Here’s now to create an ad that will display a birthday message to your Facebook fans:

Create your birthday ad

To target your fans, first start typing your Page in the “Destination URL” field (as shown below). Where it says “What do you want to promote?”, select your Page and then below that, select “A new ad about [Your Page Name]“ (as shown below). Next, write your copy and choose an image for your ad (as shown below).

Target your fans on their birthday

The first thing you want to do is select the “Only people connected to [Your Page Name]” option in the Connections settings. This will display the ad ONLY to your Facebook Page fans.

Next, you want to target fans who have a birthday coming up in the next week. To do this, go to the  “Choose Your Audience”  settings area within your ad (shown below) and select “Events” > “Has birthday in 1 week”.

Once you select your fans and the birthday option, people will see the ad only up until their birthday and not after.

Finish up purchasing the ad as you would any other Facebook ad.


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