How to toggle between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page (video)

Facebook launched a major upgrade to Pages on 2/10/11. Here’s an overview of toggling between a Profile and a Page.

Also covered is:

  • A word about understanding spam culture
  • Commenting on other Page’s from your Page News Feed
  • Viewing Page notifications
  • Viewing the most recent likes
  • Switching back to your Profile

Categories: Newbies
Thanks for this, John. Great to know about this! One follow-up. Do you know if this changes how your comments will show up on your own Page? The old way, if you were a Page Admin and left a comment (e.g. to answer someone’s question posted on your wall) it automatically showed up as the Page avatar. Sometimes this is what our org would like. But there are other times we would like to post as our own personal identity. This is especially true for our Executive Director. Sometimes, she would like to post news bits as Common Hope. Other times, she would like to comment/respond as Shari Blindt. Do you know if we can toggle back and forth in this way now?
11 February 11 at 20:59
Oh I found where you can change this! Under “Edit Page – Settings,” you can check or uncheck the following: “Always comment and post on your page as Common Hope even when using Facebook as Kate Lucas.
Note: You’re currently using Facebook as Common Hope. To use Facebook as Kate Lucas, go to Account at the top of any page.” This is so great! Thanks for the overview, John!
11 February 11 at 21:10
Thanks for adding this info, Kate!
11 February 11 at 21:41
There may be cased when you’d want to post as a Profile (instead of a Page). Toggling makes it much easier.
11 February 11 at 21:43