What does “Edgerank” mean and why should I care?

If you’re not aware of this already, Facebook uses something called “edgerank” to determine if your Page’s newsfeed will continue to appear in your fans news feeds.

Facebook uses an algorithm to determine how content will be ranked for each Facebook user.

If your most recent post had a poor edgerank, it impacts your Page’s overall ability to show up in news feeds. If you consistently post boring content, your Page will essentially become invisible to your fans (see this TechCrunch article for more details).

Three factors that determine Edgerank:

  1. How interesting is your Page’s content?
  2. What types of interactions does your content get?
  3. How recent and consistent are your updates?

Stop pushing and start pulling

Instead of pushing out content that’s only about your organization (me, me, me), start posting content that’s truly interesting and useful to your fans. Think of your Facebook Page content as a magnet that pulls fans towards your Page. Quit naturally, your edgerank will increase.

How are you pulling Facebook users with content?

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