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Facebook Custom Audiences: What Does Facebook Do With My Email List?

A Facebook custom audience is an ad targeting selection that’s defined by list of e-mails or phone numbers. Custom audiences let advertisers reach Facebook users who are subscribed those lists. If you want to learn more about using custom audiences read How to Target Your Donors or Email Subscribers with Facebook Ads. So, what does Facebook […]

19 February 2014 at 10:06 - Comments

Three Powerfully Creative Ways to Target Facebook Ads

Not surprisingly, any nonprofits refrain from trying Facebook ads because of three basic misunderstandings: Cost of Ads: Many orgs I’ve spoken to believe that Facebook ads are prohibitively expensive, which is not the case. The cost of ads depend on who’s being targeted, but – if targeted wisely and tested in short runs – are more affordable […]

9 January 2013 at 09:35 - Comments