Three Powerfully Creative Ways to Target Facebook Ads

Not surprisingly, any nonprofits refrain from trying Facebook ads because of three basic misunderstandings:

  1. Cost of Ads: Many orgs I’ve spoken to believe that Facebook ads are prohibitively expensive, which is not the case. The cost of ads depend on who’s being targeted, but – if targeted wisely and tested in short runs – are more affordable than you’d expect.
  2. Current Reach: Many orgs wonder why they should buy ads, when they’ve already got a few thousand Facebook fans that see their content. I remind them that only a small fraction of fans actually see their content, which they can see in their Facebook Page Insights.
  3. Limited Targeting: Many orgs believe that the only things you can target on Facebook are age, location, marital status and a few other items. They don’t realize how you can target people based on the social graph, or even pages they’ve liked, and even their birthday!

Three Powerful Ways to Target Facebook Ads

Targeting is what makes Facebook ads different from any other type of online ad. Below are just three powerfully creative ways you can target Facebook ads.

Targeting by Birthday

Facebook lets you create ads that target users who have a birthday coming up in the next week. This allows you to connect with Facebook users in a highly personal manner!

You can refine this by targeting ONLY current donors on their birthday (more on that below).

Read this article to learn how to target Facebook users on their birthday.

Targeting Custom Audiences

Imagine being able to reach lapsed donors on Facebook, or target Page posts for a project funded by that donor segment!

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