Three Reasons Creating A Facebook Profile For Your Nonprofit Is Bad News

I’m still running into nonprofits who violate Facebook’s TOS (sometimes knowingly) by using a Facebook Profile rather than a Facebook Page.

Using a Facebook Profile to market your nonprofit on Facebook is not smart, for at least three reasons:

1. You Have No Way Of Knowing What They Want

Facebook gives marketers a powerful tool called Insights that allows you to see – on a post level – how Facebook users engage with your content. Profiles don’t have this tool, only Pages do.

2. They Don’t Want To Be Your Friend

A friend request is very different from asking someone to like your Page.

If you’re sending friend requests as a Profile, your asking the user to see their photos, their friend list, their address, their phone number, and perhaps their relationship status.



Facebook users don’t want to share this info with your organization. Asking a user to like your Page, on the other hand, doesn’t cross any personal boundaries.

3. Facebook Could Delete Your Profile

Using a Facebook profile to market your organization is a violation of the TOS.

What this means is that after spending a lot of resources building up a large amount of friends Facebook can simply shut down the profile.

In summary, Profiles are for people, Pages are for nonprofits.

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