What Does Facebook’s Frictionless Sharing Mean?

Frictionless sharing is Facebook’s new model for more digestible (both psychologically and technically) social sharing. In other words, Facebook has redefined sharing.

There are two components to frictionless sharing:

  1. Gestures That Make Sense – Facebook is now allowing app developers to use gestures other than“like” for news feed stories. In the example above, it says that I just “completed” a run with Runkeeper (by the way, I can run further than .27 miles…).“Completed” works better because although I definitely completed the run, I may have not “liked” it.
  2. Permission Hurdles Removed – Timeline apps asks permission only once to access and share a user’s data. As shown below in the RunKeeper app, it’s easier for me to understand what the app needs to work. The app authorization also lists activities that will appear, and allows me to choose who can see your activities.

It’s important to realize that frictionless sharing is about removing both technical AND psychological hurdles to sharing.

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